Getting the best e-asTTle experience during the current peak period

As November is the peak period of use for e-asTTle, we would like to advise you on how to get the best experience for your students.

In the days before your students actually sit the test:

  • Ensure all your students are loaded into e-asTTle
  • Do not load .ast files between 9:00am -3:00pm
  • Prepare early by creating and assigning tests before the date required
  • Print off student logins the day before testing

On the day of testing:

  • Consider testing students in the afternoon. The number of students sitting tests tends to be lower in the afternoon.
  • Load up a Practice Test. This provides a quick check that the e-asTTle test player  will load up correctly on the device that the ‘real' test is going to be sat on.

After testing:

  • Avoid generating reports during student testing times, 9am – 11am and 1pm -2:00pm
  • Note that until mid-December e-asttle will be unavailable between 10 to 11pm each night.

These actions will help your students have a positive experience using e-asttle. They will also help all other users have the best experience possible.


 Helpful Resources:


Welcome to the e-asTTle Help Site

Using e-asTTle involves many choices.  You must decide how to create your tests, assign them to students, which reports to use and how to interpret them. These choices impact your assessment data. This website will help you navigate e-asTTle and make good assessment choices.



Not sure where to start?

1. Make sure e-asTTle has the latest data from your SMS. This must be re-imported regularly.

2. Before exploring Reading and Maths tests, read Guidelines for creating a good test.

3. Before exploring e-asTTle Writing, read Writing: moderation and things to consider.