e-asTTle Reports

The e-asTTle reporting function is intermittently unavailable due to very high demand.  We are working to improve capacity to meet this demand as quickly as we can.

To help us while this problem continues, we ask that students do not generate their own reports after completing a test. This will mean that teachers are more likely to be able to generate reports.

Please pass on this information to all staff who use e-asTTle. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience this may cause.

Contact the MoE Contact Centre if you have any queries.

For more information about e-asTTle:


Phone: Education Service Desk on 0800 422 599 (option 4)

Email service.desk@education.govt.nz

Welcome to the e-asTTle Help Site

Using e-asTTle involves many choices.  You must decide how to create your tests, assign them to students, which reports to use and how to interpret them. These choices impact your assessment data. This website will help you navigate e-asTTle and make good assessment choices.



Not sure where to start?

1. Make sure e-asTTle has the latest data from your SMS. This must be re-imported regularly.

2. Before exploring Reading and Maths tests, read Guidelines for creating a good test.

3. Before exploring e-asTTle Writing, read Writing: moderation and things to consider.