Updates to e-asTTle  - Term 4 2014

The following updates were made on 8th October, 2014:

      • Student Result Summaries and Target Setting now available from left menu
      • Student Result Summaries now available to External Coordinators
      • New Writing report interpretation guides
      • Extra information on headings for Writing Individual Learning Pathways
      • Element norms no longer display on Writing console reports
      • Corrections to Pānui and Pāngarau questions

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Using e-asTTle involves many choices.  You must decide how to create your tests, assign them to students, which reports to use and how to interpret them. These choices impact your assessment data. This website will help you navigate e-asTTle and make good assessment choices.

Not sure where to start?

1. Make sure e-asTTle has the latest data from your SMS. This must be re-imported regularly.

2. Before exploring Reading and Maths tests, read Guidelines for creating a good test.

3. Before exploring e-asTTle Writing, read Writing: moderation and things to consider.

 Did you know?