Assigning Tests 101

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Things to do before administering a test:

  1. Make sure the students who will sit the test belong to a group – see Manage Group Information. Otherwise you won’t be able to find them on the Assign Test screen.
  2. Make sure the test that you want to assign has been accepted.
  3. Assign the test. All tests, even paper tests, need to be assigned before they can be marked.

Finding your tests

Select ‘Assign Test’ from the left menu. All your tests in the current year will display. Use the Test Information filters to search for other available tests to assign.

Don’t panic if you can’t see the test you created. It may just be that you forgot to accept the test.

Keep in mind:

If your test has already been assigned in a previous year do not assign the test again – copy it first. Once copied, the data across years will remain separate.

Assign Test -horizontal

For information on creating an assignment, click here.