Creating Test Assignments

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1. Select ‘Assign Test’ from the left menu

2. Select the radio-button next to the test you want to assign

3 - Assign - Enter Details

3. Click ‘Assign Test’

4. Use the Group drop-down to select the group you would like to assign the test to.

To select all students from the group, click ‘Add All’. Otherwise, select individual students from the group by either:

  • double-clicking the preferred student/s one by one.
  •  holding down the CTRL key as you click on each student. Once all students you want to include are highlighted in grey, click ‘Add’.

5. Make changes to the Date Available and Due Date fields if you wish the test to be available at a later time. By default, the test will be available straight away, and due within a few hours.

Date Available and Due Date have different meanings depending on if your test is paper or onscreen.

Date Available

For an onscreen test, Date Available is the earliest date/time students can access an onscreen test. For a paper test, Date Available indicates when you can access the test to mark it.

To ensure the test can be sat immediately, leave the ‘Now’ check-box selected. Or, if the test is to be sat later, uncheck the ‘Now’ check-box. Click into the Date Available to Students boxes and use the calendar to set date and time.

Due Date

The Due Date is the deadline for starting an onscreen test – students must have started the test before this date/time.

For paper tests, this is a guideline only.

Be cautious about setting the Due Date too far in advance for onscreen tests. If not all students sit the test (e.g., some are absent), you won’t be able to mark the test:

  •  until all students sit it or,
  •  if not all students are going to sit the test, until the due date has passed or,
  •  until after midnight using Finish Now.

If some students missed out on sitting the test due to absence etc., you can re-assign it to just those students


7. Make changes to when your test will be available if you wish.

For onscreen tests with a day or more between Date Available and Due Date, you can opt to make the test available during School Hours (8.30-4pm) or on Weekdays only.

Use the ‘When’ drop-down to make this selection.

8. Click ‘Save’

Setting up assignments a long time in advance:

If you want to make assignments for future dates, select the ‘Assign the test to a group’ radio-button. This will mean that as long as the Date Available is in the future, any students who join the group before the test starts will automatically be added to the assignment.