Managing Test Assignments

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1. Select ‘Assign Test’ from left menu

2. Select the radio-button next to the test

3. Click ‘Manage Assignments’

Viewing one/all assignments of a test

You can view details about the assignment, view student lists, and find out which students have and have not sat the test.

1. To view all assignments for a test: Click the printer icon

2. To view a particular assignment, select the radio-button alongside the assignment and click ‘View List’.

3. To print the assigned test list, click ‘Download PDF’. Then select ‘File’ from the menu bar, select ‘Print options’.

4. Click ‘Download CSV’ to generate the csv (comma-separated values) file. This is a file that can be opened in a spreadsheet such as Excel so you can sort columns, filter etc.

5. If your students have sat the test onscreen, refer to the Sat column on the far right. This will display either ‘N’ (No) for students who haven’t sat the test or ‘Y’ (Yes) for students who have.

6. To close the assigned test list, select ‘File’ from the menu bar and select ‘Close’. Or, click on the close button (X) at the top right-hand screen.

Changing an assignment

1. To make changes to an assignment, select the radio-button and click ‘Change’.

2. Make the required changes and click ‘Save’

You can only make changes to an assignment if the Date Available is in the future.

 Deleting an assignment

1. To delete an assignment, select the radio-button and click ‘Delete’.

2. Click ‘OK’ to confirm the deletion or ‘Cancel’ if you change your mind.

You can only delete an assignment if no students have started sitting the test.

Once the assignment has been deleted, the students will not be able to see the test. If students have started sitting the test and you want to exclude them from the assignment see Student Exclusions.

Finish Now

If you would like to mark the test before the due date, click ‘Finish Now’. This will make the test available for you to mark straight away.

The Finish Now option is available when:

  • the Date Available has passed and
  • the Due Date is in the future and
  • you are the owner of the assignment

If you are an ‘e-asTTle administrator’ the Finish Now option is available for you. This may come in handy if an assignment with a future Due Date needs to be marked immediately, and the teacher that assigned the test is away from school.


You can remove an invalid result from a test by using the Student Exclusions feature. This has the effect of removing a student from an assignment after they have sat a test.