Student Exclusions

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If students have experienced issues while sitting a test you can use the Student Exclusions feature to exclude the student from reports. You may find this useful if the student’s performance was significantly impaired due to illness or technical issues whilst sitting the test.

If a student is excluded, they will see that the status of the test is Did Not Sit. This means their results will not be included in any e-asTTle reports, or in target setting.

This functionality must be used carefully, as exclusions cannot be reversed once they are made.

To exclude students:

1.    Select ‘Assign Test’ from the left menu.

2.      Select the radio-button of the test that you wish to exclude students from.

3.      Click ‘Manage Assignments’.

4.     Select the radio-button of the test assignment that you wish to exclude students from.

5.      Click ‘Student Exclusions’.

6.      To exclude all students from the assignment, tick the ‘Exclude All’ check-box, and enter a reason.

7.     To exclude one or multiple students, tick the check-boxes next to the student details and enter a reason.

8.     Click ‘Save’.

9.    Click ‘OK’ to confirm the exclusions, or ‘Cancel’ if you change your mind.


Image: Student Exclusions


Viewing Student Exclusions

If you have made student exclusions for a test, you can view the exclusions by using the ‘Student Exclusions’ button.

1.    Select the radio-button of the test assignment that you wish to view student exclusions for.

2.    Click ‘Student Exclusions’. The Student Exclusions page will display, showing a list of the students who have completed the test, and any exclusions made.

If not all students have been excluded from an assignment, it will remain in the Current Assignments section.  You can continue to make Student Exclusions.


Image: Excluded Assignments



An expiry time has been set by the Ministry of Education on Student Exclusions. The expiry time is currently set very far in the future, to enable older assignments to be cleaned up. However, in future, there may be a time limit imposed so that, for example, you can only exclude students up to seven days after the test was taken.