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My e-asTTle bookmark isn’t working / HTTP Status 403 error

In some cases, if you have bookmarked the Education Sector Logon page that you see when you log in or out of e-asTTle, you might see the following error:   This can occur if your browser has reset and some

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Scores on the boundary of two sublevels – Discrepancy

In the past, several teachers reported that one or two of their students had a different sub-level showing on their student result summary compared to other reports. For example, a student with a Reading score of 1502 had 4P on

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Replace Questions

Use this option if you are mostly happy with the test you have created but there are one or two questions that you would like replaced. This option is available for Custom tests in a ‘pending’ state. Once you have

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New Student Portal and Test Player: Field Trials

Background  The focus of the interface enhancement project was to replace the old flash test player.  The challenge was to develop a new player that could replace the old player while modernising the player interface and making it accessible from

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New Student Portal and Test Player: Understanding the changes

On 9 February, the e-asTTle Student Portal and test player were updated and made easier to use. What has been done? We have: Introduced a new-look interface for the student portal and the test player. The test player is used

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New Student Portal and Test Player: Minimum Device Requirements

As of 9 February when the new student portal and test player were released, the minimum technical requirements for the student portal were updated. Device Requirements Chromebooks: If students are using Chromebooks, they should be good to go. Make sure students

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Practice Test Scripts

As of February 9, 2016 practice tests for each subject are available.  Practice tests are designed to familiarise you and your students with e-asTTle online before sitting a real test. Each practice test contains attitude questions, look-over time and 5-8

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Troubleshooting the Test Player

There are several technical problems students could encounter while sitting a test. This page covers the different types of error messages students might see in e-asTTle and under what scenario you would expect to see them. If an error message

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Updates – Term 4 2014

A number of updates were made on 8th October, 2014. Student Result Summaries and Target Setting are available from left menu There is a new item named ‘Summaries and Targets’ on the green navigation menu. Clicking the ‘Summaries and Targets’

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Updates – Term 1 2014

Two updates were made on 16th January 2014. Student year levels Student data is exported from your Student Management system in an .ast file. It is then imported into e-asTTle.  The file contains student names, ethnicities, year levels, NSN ids

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