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Import: FAQs

Why do I need to import? It is important to import student records from your SMS into e-asTTle to keep your student information in e-asTTle up to date. I have a few students who have just enrolled in our school.

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Import: Troubleshooting

Occasionally you will see ‘errors’ after carrying out an import. This happens when student details in the import file are very different from the student record in e-asTTle. In these instances, the student record will need to be updated manually

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My e-asTTle bookmark isn’t working / HTTP Status 403 error

In some cases, if you have bookmarked the Education Sector Logon page that you see when you log in or out of e-asTTle, you might see the following error:   This can occur if your browser has reset and some

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New Student Portal and Test Player: FAQs

Do the changes affect all of e-asTTle? Changes have been made to the online test player used for Reading, Maths, Pānui and Pāngarau tests. In addition, the student portal has a new look and feel. The teacher’s version and the

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Can I change my onscreen test to paper?

I created a Reading test for my students to be sat onscreen. I really want a few of my students to be able to sit this exact same test on paper. How can I do this? Use the ‘Copy Test’

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