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Managing Student Information

The Manage Students section of e-asTTle has four main functions: 1. Accessing results and targets for individual students. You can: i. Get a summary of a student’s results across all their tests, at previous and current schools ii. Set and

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Importing Students

Overview Student and group data can be imported into e-asTTle using a data file from your SMS system. You must be an e-asTTle administrator to be able to do this. See: • Exporting students and groups using eTap • Exporting

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Managing Group Information

Types of Group In order to be assigned a test, your students must belong to a group. There are 3 types of groups: • Class/Year groups – for all the different classes and year groups in the school • Customised

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Student Result Summary

The Student Result Summary displays scores from all e-asTTle tests a student has taken within a subject, and allows you to report on individual students longitudinally and across schools. Student Result Summary Navigation Selecting Students: 1. Select ‘Manage Students’ from

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Target Setting

Why use target setting? o Targets help you focus on important areas, and set expectations for you and your students. o As part of planning students’ pathways for learning, Senior management may use target setting for strategic planning, allocating resources,

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e-asTTle norms: Reading and Maths

e-asTTle Norms reflect the data collected in e-asTTle from 2007 until 2010 when the most recent re-calibration took place. For Reading and Maths, norms are available for Year 4 to Year 12. The e-asTTle norms differ from the curriculum expectation.

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Managing Student Logins

Where to find student login information There are several places where student login information displays. All these screens can be found by selecting Manage Students from the left menu…                         

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