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Importing Students

Student and group data must be imported into e-asTTle using a data file from your SMS system. Importing will need to occur on a regular basis to keep your student and group details up to date in e-asTTle. The following

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New Student Portal and Test Player: Field Trials

Background  The focus of the interface enhancement project was to replace the old flash test player.  The challenge was to develop a new player that could replace the old player while modernising the player interface and making it accessible from

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Student Portal and Test Player: Minimum Device Requirements

Device Requirements Chromebooks: If students are using Chromebooks, they should be good to go. Make sure students are using their browser in full-width mode (see below). Windows PCs: Students need an up-to-date version of Chrome, Firefox or Edge. If they’re

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Test Administration Guidelines

It is important that you read the administration instructions prior to your students sitting a test. The information provided in the following administration guidelines vary according to subject, delivery method and test type. For example, the guidelines for Maths outline

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New Student Portal and Test Player: FAQs

Do the changes affect all of e-asTTle? Changes have been made to the online test player used for Reading, Maths, Pānui and Pāngarau tests. In addition, the student portal has a new look and feel. The teacher’s version and the

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Updates – Term 4 2014

A number of updates were made on 8th October, 2014. Student Result Summaries and Target Setting are available from left menu There is a new item named ‘Summaries and Targets’ on the green navigation menu. Clicking the ‘Summaries and Targets’

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Updates – Term 1 2014

Two updates were made on 16th January 2014. Student year levels Student data is exported from your Student Management system in an .ast file. It is then imported into e-asTTle.  The file contains student names, ethnicities, year levels, NSN ids

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Strand Keys

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Writing Prompts

When generating Writing tests you will notice that some tests have images  and some do not. This is by by design. For example, the Whanau and family time prompt does not have an associated image. This is because students should

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General Navigation

Tricks for Young Players: Enabling pop-ups If your report or paper test is ‘not coming up’, make sure your Internet browser has pop-ups enabled. See http://kb.iu.edu/data/atdz.html for information on how to do this. Don’t use the Back button at the

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