Copy/Similar Test

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Copy a test when you want to:

• Add up to 10 minutes extra to an onscreen test, for students who require special considerations.

• Change the delivery method from onscreen to paper.

• Re-use last year’s test for this year’s students. This will ensure old and new results can be reported separately.

Create a Similar test when you want to:

• Create another test using the same settings as a previous test in your school. You can make changes to the original settings during this process.


 Navigation for Copy and Create Similar Test

A: Select Test

1. Select ‘Create New Test’ from left menu, then click ‘Copy Existing Test’ or ‘Create Similar Test’.

2. Use the drop-downs to search for the test you want to use as a template. See General Navigation for help on filters.

3. Select the radio-button next to the test

4. Click ‘Continue’ (you may need to scroll to find the button)

 B: Re-name Test

1. Alter the Test Name and/or Test Description. Be as specific as possible.

2. If needed, use the drop-down to add extra administration time to the test (for Copy Onscreen Test only). If you plan to give extra time to student(s) needing special consideration, remember to separately assign the copied test to them!

3. Click ‘Copy Test’ or ‘Create Similar Test’

C: Evaluate and Accept Test

1. Use your professional judgement to evaluate the test summary and test questions.

Copy Test: Is the test you copied suitable for the new group of students?

Create Similar Test: Is the similar test sufficiently similar to the original test?

2. When you are happy with the test, click ‘Accept Test’