Different features available for External Coordinators

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Finding Students

In addition to the filters that teachers can use, you can also filter by school. To find students across multiple schools, select the “blank” option from the By School drop-down.

Image: Manage Students by School


Try to select multiple filters. Searching by School only could create a very long list if it is a large school. It might also slow down e-asTTle, which could affect ALL people currently using it!

A blank SMS id indicates that the student exists in multiple schools

Managing Groups

You can manage your groups much like a teacher can. That is, you can view, edit or delete the groups you created.

Click here to see more detail on how to create and manage groups.

Between Schools Groups:

In addition to creating groups within a school you can create “Between Schools” groups.  That is, a Group of Groups or a combination of groups from different schools.

1. Select ‘Manage Students’ from left menu

2. Click ‘Add New Group’ link

3. Enter information in Group Name and Description fields. Your description should be detailed.

4. Click ‘Select Groups’ radio-button, then click ‘Continue’

5. Select the school you wish to include from the School drop-down

6. In the Group box, click on the group you wish to include. To select multiple groups, hold down the <CTRL> key as you click on the groups.

7. Click ‘Include’

8. Repeat steps 5-7 if you wish to include groups from multiple schools

9. When you have added all the groups you need, click ‘Save’

If you want to create a group that is made up of groups that you created, select the blank option from the School drop-down.

 Creating Tests

You have the ability to create a collection of common tests to use across multiple schools. Schools that you have access to will be able to view the tests you created. If the test was assigned across multiple schools, each school will only have access to their students’ results. Once permission is disabled, schools will no longer be able to see your tests or any reports for their students who sat tests that you created.

Viewing Tests

You can view your tests, tests created by teachers in schools you have access to, and those created by other ECs who share a common school with you.

Your View Existing Tests screen has an extra check-box labeled My Tests, which will display only the tests you created. It also has an extra filter for School. Select the school whose tests you wish to view, or select “Other External Coordinator Tests”. Click ‘Search’.

Deleting Tests

You can only deleteyour test if it’s in Pending or Accepted status.  Once your onscreen test has been sat or marks for your paper test have been entered, you will no longer be able to delete that test.

Assigning Tests

This process is the same as for teachers; however you have a few extra options:

  •  My Tests check-box – selecting this option displays the tests that you have created.
  • School  filter
    • Selecting a school from the drop-down will show all tests created in that school
    • Selecting “Other Ext. Coord. Tests” from dropdown will show all tests created by other ECs who share access to at least one school with you.

Note: when you assign a test to students from multiple schools, each school will only be able to see reports for their own students.

Making Student Exclusions

This process is the same as for teachers. Click here for detailed information.

When you assign a test to students across schools, teachers from those schools will be able to make and view student exclusions. However, once a student is deleted from a school, teachers from that school will not be able to see the deleted student on the Student Exclusions screen. You will still be able to view and carry out student exclusions for students that have been deleted.

Marking Tests

This process is the same as for teachers. Click here for onscreen assignments or here for marking paper tests.


This process is the same as for teachers. Click here for detailed information. You do, however, have extra search filters to help you find tests:

  •  “Other Ext. Coord. Tests” – displays all ‘scored’ tests created by other external coordinators where you have at least one school in common.
  • Selecting a school – displays all ‘scored’ tests created by teachers in the selected school
  • Selecting “My Tests” – displays all your ‘scored’ tests
  • Selecting “My Tests” and “My Groups” – retrieves a list of all groups created by you who sat  your tests

When you select a group from the Group filter box, and click ‘Search’, this will return all scored tests sat by any student who is a member of the selected group.

 Overnight Report Generation

This is the same as for teachers. However, it is likely to affect you particularly, as ECs are more likely to be generating large reports.