Import: FAQs

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Why do I need to import?

It is important to import student records from your SMS into e-asTTle to keep your student information in e-asTTle up to date.

I have a few students who have just enrolled in our school. Can I import a file with just those students?

No. The import file must include all your school’s current students and class details. You should not use the import function to import some classes/students.

I imported students last year, do I have to re-import these same students in the new year?

Yes. It is important to carry out an import which includes all your school’s current students and class details, at least at the beginning of each year, even if you have imported these students in the previous year. This is so that student details such as Instructional Year which changes from year to year will be kept up to date in e-asTTle.

What happens when I choose ‘Yes’ to overwrite student records?

When you ‘overwrite’ a student record with the importing file record, the student details in e-asTTle will be updated to the details in the import file. In the example below the student Jane Smith is a Female Year 4 student in an e-asTTle school. The record in the importing file has ‘Janet’ as her first name. Selecting ‘yes’ to overwrite, will update the e-asTTle student record from Jane to Janet. Note that the student’s year will also be updated from Year 4 to 5.

First Name Last Name Gender SMS NSN Ethnicity Year Language
e-asTTle Jane Smith Female Aaa 1111111111 Pacific 4 English
import file Janet Smith Female Aaa 1111111111 Pacific 5 English


If I choose to overwrite a student record with details from the importing file, will this overwrite any test results that they have?

No. Overwriting a student record will ONLY update the student’s personal details: First Name, Last Name, Gender, SMS, NSN, Ethnicity, Year and Language. It will not overwrite test data.

When e-asTTle compares the first and last names in the importing file with the first and last names that the student has in e-asTTle, do they have to be an exact match for the record to automatically update?

No. In the past an exact match was required for a student record to be automatically imported and updated. However, in Term 4, 2019, a more relaxed way of comparing names – ‘fuzzy matching’ – was introduced.  Fuzzy matching checks if the names are a subset of each other. If they are a subset, they are treated as a ‘match’.  Further,  apostrophes, hyphens, upper/lower case are ignored when comparing first and last names.

In the three examples below, the first and last names would all be considered a match.

e-asTTle value Importing file value (SMS)
Student One First name Jane Jane Mary
Last name Harris Gordon Harris-Gordon
Student Two First name Tima Ti ‘Mata
Last name Smith TUPOU-SMITH
Student Three First name JENNI Jennifer
Last name Murphy-smith Smit


Can imported students and classes be changed manually?

Yes. Students that have been imported into e-asTTle can be edited manually through the Manage Student screens. You will need to have an e-asTTle administrator role to be able to do this.

Classes/groups that have been imported into e-asTTle can also be edited manually through the Manage Group screens.

What effect does importing have on students and groups that have been created manually?

Students and groups added manually can be updated via importing as long as they are included in the import file.

I get an error pop up saying the .ast file has exceeded the maximum size allowed of 1MB. The message tells me to zip my file, how do I do this?

Click here for instructions on how to zip your import file.

Sometimes when I view the groups that I added manually to e-asTTle, they are empty.

Why does this happen?

If your school’s import file does not include your manually created group, once an import is carried out, this will empty out any groups that you created manually. To stop this from happening you will need to make sure the import file includes the groups you created manually.