Importing Students

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Student and group data can be imported into e-asTTle using a data file from your SMS system. You must be an e-asTTle administrator to be able to do this.


• Exporting students and groups using eTap

• Exporting students and groups using Musac

• Exporting students and groups using Kamar

The import file is a ‘full import’. This means you must include all the school’s current students and classes which you intend to use in e-asTTle. Importing partial students and classes may result in ‘disappearing’ groups and other unintended consequences.

How to import student data

1. Select ‘Import’ from left menu.

2. Click ‘Browse’ or ‘Choose File’

3. Navigate to the location where your student file is saved. Select the filename and click ‘Open’.

4. Click ‘Submit’.

5. If all students have been successfully imported, a success message will display.

• If your data file is rejected due to a validation error, contact your SMS vendor to resolve the problem.

• If there are discrepancies between the students’ details in the .ast data file and in e-asTTle, a manual validation screen will display. You can either:

o overwrite the e-asTTle student record with the record in the .ast data file, or

o keep the existing e-asTTle student record. (In this case, please update your SMS).


View Previous Imports

The previous 10 import attempts are available for you to view.

The Import History contains information about the user who performed the import, the date/time of the import, the status of the import, any errors or warnings and the decisions made during manual student validation.

What effect does importing have on students and groups that have been created manually?

Students and groups added manually can be updated via importing as long as they are included in the .ast file.

Can imported data be changed manually?

Both students and groups that have been imported can be edited manually via the Manage Students screens.

• Any import that would lead to duplicate NSNs within e-asTTle will result in an error and the import of the student will be stopped.

• Any import that would lead to a duplicate SMS within the same school will result in an error and the import of the student will be stopped.

• Any imports where:

o No NSN is provided in the import file and/or

o No NSN is recorded for the student in e-asTTle and/or

o The SMS doesn’t match

are considered imports of new students unless the scenarios are handled as described below.

Rules for importing Student Records

1. Student NSN is in the .ast Data File and in e-asTTle

Image: 1. Importing Student Records Rules

 2. Student NSN in .ast data file but is not in e-asTTle
Image: 2. Importing Student Records Rules
3. Student NSN is not in .ast data file but is in e-asTTle

Image: 4. Importing Student Records Rules

 4. Student NSN is not in .ast data file or in e-asTTle

Image: 3. Importing Student Records Rules