Managing Group Information

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Types of Group

In order to be assigned a test, your students must belong to a group. There are 3 types of groups:

• Class/Year groups – for all the different classes and year groups in the school

• Customised groups – for students showing particular ability levels (e.g. an advanced reading group).

• Super-groups – a group made up of several existing groups. For instance, a school may run extension reading groups at year 4, 5 and 6, and have a super-group to which all these extension reading groups belong. Super-groups may be used when your school wishes to track progress of a set of target groups over time.

Generally, your class and year groups will be set up by importing from your SMS. Customised and super-groups are set up manually, using the steps below.

 Creating a New Group

1. Select ‘Manage Students’ from left menu

2. Click ‘Add New Group’ link

3. Enter a Group Name and Description.

It will be easier to find your group if you make your group name very specific, as all your school’s groups will be listed in the Assignments screen!

4. Select a Group Type radio-button:

• ‘Select Students’ – for class or customised groups

• ‘Select Groups’ – for a super-group

5. Click ‘Continue’

6. If you clicked ‘Select Students’ radio-button:

i. Use filters to find students

ii. Tick the check-box next to student(s) you wish to include. You can include all students by ticking the check-box in the blue table header.

iii. Click ‘Continue’

iv. Review group information. If you wish to edit your group, click ‘Add’ to include more students, or tick the check-box next to a student and click ‘Remove’.

v. Click ‘Save’

If you clicked ‘Select Groups’ radio-button:

i. Click on the name of group(s) you wish to include. To select multiple groups at once, hold down <CTRL> button on your keyboard.

ii. Click ‘Include’

iii. You can remove any selected groups by ticking the check-box next to a group name then clicking ‘Remove’

iv. Review group information, then click ‘Save’

Viewing, Changing and Deleting Group Information

All teachers can view group information, but you can only change or delete a group if you created the group or if you are an administrator.

1. Click ‘Manage Existing Group’ link

2. Select the checkbox next to the desired group. (Note: select multiple checkboxes if you wish to delete more than one group).

3. Click ‘View’ to see group details, ‘Change’ to edit details, or ‘Delete’ to delete the group.

4. If you clicked ‘Change’, edit the details to be changed, then click ‘Save’.

5. If you clicked ‘Delete’, a prompt will appear. Click ‘OK’ to confirm the deletion.