Managing Student Information

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The Manage Students section of e-asTTle has four main functions:

1. Accessing results and targets for individual students. You can:

i. Get a summary of a student’s results across all their tests, at previous and current schools

ii. Set and view targets for students

2. Finding and resetting students’ usernames and passwords

3. Managing student demographic information manually

4. Managing group information manually

In most schools, managing demographic and group information is done via an import from the Student Management system, rather than manually on the Manage Students screens. Some functions in the Manage Students are only available to e-asTTle administrators.

Not sure if you are an administrator? Check if you have an Import button on your left menu. If you do, you have been set up as an e-asTTle administrator.

Adding new students manually

1. Select ‘Manage Students’ from the left menu

2. Click ‘Add New Student’ link

3. Enter Student Details. The red asterisk indicates mandatory fields

4. If you would like to add the student to an existing group:

i. Select a group from the Groups drop-down

ii. Click ‘Add Student to Group’

5. Click ‘Save’

The Student Details fields:

• SMS ID – student’s unique ID from the school’s student management system.

NSN ID – student’s unique national ID. This field can be left blank if you do not have these details – however it is strongly recommended this be added in.

• Primary Ethnicity – primary ethnic group the student identifies with.

• Second Ethnicity – second ethnic group the student identifies with (optional).

• asTTle Ethnicity – derived from the ethnicity value(s) you enter. Statistics New Zealand rules are used to produce one of four primary ethnicities: NZ European, Maori, Pacific or Other. This is used for reporting purposes.

• Year Level –  the level your student will be reported against. As of 2014, this is the student’s current/instructional year level – see here for more information.

• Language at Home – primary language your student speaks at home (optional).

 Viewing, Changing and Deleting students

All teachers can view student details, but you can only edit and delete students if you are an administrator.

1. Click ‘Manage Existing Students’ link

2. Enter student name or use appropriate drop-downs to search for your student

3. Click ‘Search’

4. Tick the check-box next to a student. You may need to scroll down to find your student (Note: to view more students on the screen click ‘Hide filters’ on the green ‘Filter Options’ banner).

5. Click ‘View’ to view Student Details, ‘Change’ to edit, or ‘Delete’ to remove students.

6. If you clicked ‘Change’:

i. Edit details you wish to change

ii. Click ‘Save’

If you clicked ‘Delete’:

i. Tick check-boxes next to student(s). You can delete multiple students at one time.

ii. Click ‘Delete’

iii. A prompt will appear. Click ‘OK’ to confirm, otherwise click ‘Cancel’

Viewing student details

The Groups section lists all the groups your student currently belongs to. The group type will also display. Most types are MEMBER_GROUPS. These are standard groups that came from your SMS. You may also see GROUP_GROUPS – these are supergroups or ‘groups of groups’

Security Details fields refer to the following:

• Username – the name the student enters in the User Name field when logging into the e-asTTle student website.

• Password –

o if the student has not logged in yet, the school-wide password displays

o once the student has changed their password, ‘******’ displays to indicate the password has been changed.

• Password Status – tells you the status of your student’s account. If the account is locked or the password has expired the status will display as “Please reset Password”. See Resetting Student Passwords to unlock an account.

• Login Attempts – lists last ten times the student attempted to log into the student website

If you edit a student’s name, their username may be updated. If this happens, a pop-up message will appear to inform you of their new username, and the student’s password will be reset to “password”.

Generating usernames

Once a student has been created in e-asTTle (either manually or via import) this student will automatically be assigned a username. Your student will need to enter the username when logging in to the student website. The rules used to create a username are:

• first initial of first name

• first three initials of second name (if only one or two initials available, use those only. E.g., Susan Li would be sli001)

• followed by three numbers

For example, Charlotte Tu’inukuafe (username: charlottetuinukuafe) would be (username: ctui001).

The next student with a first name starting in ‘C’ and first three letters of last name = ‘Tui’ would be ctui002.