Students’ Login Status

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You might notice that when you reset student passwords they don’t automatically revert to ‘password’ anymore. To make things more secure, e-asTTle now uses a randomly generated password for each school.

Where to find student login information

There are several places where student login information displays. All these screens can be found by selecting Manage Students from the left menu. The following instructions take you to the Manage Student Information screen which is a good place to start:

Manage Student Information
  1. select Manage students
  2. select the Manage Existing Students link
  3. enter values into search filters eg first and last name (or select a group from the Group dropdown)
  4. click Search

On this screen you will see  students’ usernames, your school-wide password (if students haven’t logged in and set their own password) and each student’s password status.

Student Login Status

Before students sit an onscreen test it is important to know what their password status is. In e-asTTle there are 3 different ‘Password’ states:

  1. Please Reset Password state – this means their account is either expired or locked.  A teacher must reset their password in order for the student to be able to successfully log in.
  2. Student Must Set By state – this means either:
    1. a teacher has reset the student’s password, or
    2. the student is ‘new’ to e-asTTle.
      A student in this state must login with their temporary school-wide password and change it. No action is required by the teacher.
  3. OK state – this means the student has already logged in and set their own password. No action required by the teacher.

1. Please Reset Password state

Once a student’s password has been reset, they will have 6 weeks to login and set their own password. If a student does not login by the end of 6 weeks, their account will be set to ‘expired‘. The Password Status will display ‘Please reset password‘. Teachers will need to reset the student’s account to give them access to the student portal.

Similarly, if a student attempts to login to the student portal 6 times with an incorrect password their account will be  ‘locked‘. Teachers will need to reset the ‘locked’ student’s account to give them access to the student portal.

2. Student Must Set By state

In the example above  ‘abcd12’ displays under the Password column for Student One.  ‘abcd12’ is the school-wide password for the school this student attends. When a school-wide password displays this indicates that the student’s password has been reset. Further, the Password Status column will show the date when the student has to login by to set their own password.

3. OK state

In the example above the password for Student Two displays as ‘*****’. This student is good-to-go. As long as they remember what they changed their password to they are ready to log in to the student portal!