Creating a Numeracy Project test

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Using e-asTTle, you can enter stages and generate basic reports for the following Numeracy project assessments:

  • NumPA
  • GloSS
  • IKAN

Accessing the Numeracy Project

Access the Numeracy Project by selecting ‘Create Test’ from the left menu and clicking ‘Numeracy Project’. Numeracy is a completely separate area in e-asTTle. It is not possible to view numeracy tests through View Existing Tests, or view numeracy reports through View Reports.

Image: Create Test - Numeracy Project

 The first screen you will see is ‘View Existing Numeracy Tests’. All numeracy tests that have been added can be accessed from this screen. It is also where you can delete tests, access the test to enter stages, and view reports.


Finding an existing numeracy test

Image: Assign Numeracy Test - Enter Details

Use the filters and click ‘Search’ to bring up an existing Numeracy test.

Adding (Assigning) a new Numeracy test:

  1. Click ‘Add Test’.
  2. Give your test a name. For example, name your IKAN test with the IKAN version.
  3. Give your test a Description. You may want to include information on the student group who took the test.
  4. Select the Assessment Type – whether your test is a GloSS, IKAN or NumPA.
  5. Use drop-down to select the Group who took/will take the assessment.
  6. Select the relevant students. To select all students click ‘Add All’. Otherwise, select individual students from the group by either:

i. double-clicking the preferred student/s one by one.

ii. holding down the CTRL key as you click on each student. Once all students you want to include are highlighted in grey, click ‘Add’.

7. Click ‘Save’ to create your assessment and enter marks later, or click ‘Save & Enter Stages’ to go directly to the marking screen.

Entering Stages for a Numeracy test

From the View Existing Numeracy Tests screen, tick a check-box next to your test name, then click ‘Enter Stages’.

The steps from here are similar to those in normal e-asTTle marking:

  1. Click on the student you wish to mark from the Group table (left hand side).
  2. Ensure the correct Date Administered displays, to make sure reports display correctly.
  3. Enter the appropriate stages in the Response table (right hand side)

The Valid Entries column shows you what values are accepted for the domain.

Image: Entering Stages for Numeracy Test

The NumPA diagnostic interview starts with a set of preliminary questions (white form) to determine whether to use form A, B or C for each student’s assessment. For NumPA, you need to select the form from the dropdown box in order for the correct domains for that form to become available.

Image: Entering Stages - NumPA

All domains need to be completed before the student is reported on. If a student fails to attain a stage for a given domain, enter a dash (-).

What’s next?

After you have entered a student’s marks either:

  • click ‘Next Student’ to enter the responses for each student in the table or
  • select the student that you wish to mark next.

Complete the table for all students. As you save the completed responses for each student you will notice that the ‘Complete’ column changes from ‘No’ to ‘Yes’.

When you have finished marking, Click ‘Save’ to save all entries.

To return back to the main screen, click ‘Numeracy tests’