Term 2 2013: Important Changes to e-asTTle Writing

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As of Term 2 2013, there are changes in how rubric scores for e-asTTle Writing map to curriculum levels. All Writing tests from now on will report against these new levels. For example, a student who answered the ‘Dogs at the beach’ prompt and scored rubric score 2 for Punctuation will now come out at 1P instead of 1A.

The new mapping has been applied to existing test results. When reports are generated for existing tests you will notice that the curriculum levels have moved down – usually by one or two curriculum sub-levels. ¬†As well as changes to the levels, in some cases you may also notice small changes to students’ e-asTTle scale scores.

In addition, the curriculum expectation displayed in Target Setting for Writing has been adjusted.

We recommend you re-generate any reports for tests taken in Term 1 to ensure you are using the updated results to support teaching and learning.