e-asTTle Onscreen Question Types

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There are nine types of questions in e-asTTle. Practice Tests for each subject are available which include most of the different types of questions that can appear in e-asTTle tests. It may be a good idea for students to familiarise themselves with the different types of questions by first sitting a Practice Test.


1. Multiple Choice

Students need to select the radio-button response panel which is believed to be correct. Note that students can select anywhere within the response panel. This will change the response panel from grey to blue and fill in the empty radiobutton with a back radiobutton. To change the selection students can either:

  • Select the response panel again– this will remove that response i.e. the response panel will change back to grey and the radiobutton will be empty or
  • Select another response panel – this will change the existing response to the latest selected

MC item

2. Short Answer

Enter a response in the available text boxes. Note that there is no limit on the amount of text that can be entered, although most short answers require only a few words.
SA item

3. Matching

For each matching pair, choose the option from the dropdown which is believed to be correct. To bring up the dropdown options, select anywhere on the dropdown box. Some of the options may be pre-filled.
Match item

4. True/False

Select the radio-button response panel beside the option which is believed to best fit the question or statement.

TrueFalse item

5. True Multiple Choice

Select the checkbox response panel with the answer believed to be correct. Note that more than one response can be selected.
TMC item

6. Sequence

Type in the numbers in the order believed to be the correct sequence of events. Note that students on tablets may have to switch the virtual keyboard from alpha to numeric. Only numbers: 1, 2, 3 etc are accepted. If students type out the numbers in word form eg, one, two, three the system will mark the response as incorrect.
Sequence item

7. Inline

Enter the appropriate word/s into the boxes.
Inline item

8. Shade

Select each bubble to highlight the correct option. Multiple bubbles can be selected.
Shade Bubble item

9. Word

These questions have a selection of word options available. Students must choose the word that they believe is correct from the options available and type this word into the relevant box. Note that when the word has been entered (and spelt correctly) the equivalent word from the option box will be greyed-out. Teachers will need to mark these questions.
Word item