iOS13 – Known issue summary

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There are currently three known issues that will affect students on iPads with iOS13:

1. Unsupported page

Students attempting to log in to the Student Portal on iPadOS 13 devices will be directed to an unsupported page.

Click here for steps to work around this issue.

We expect this to be resolved by the beginning of Term 4.












2. Submitting a test

When students submit their tests, they are directed back to the Test Details page (where they started the test), instead of seeing the “Well done! You have finished the test” page.

We expect this to be resolved by the beginning of Term 4.








3. The custom e-asTTle scrollbars are not available in iPadOS 13

The custom scrollbars that were designed for the Student Portal no longer work for iPadOS 13. This may make it difficult for students to realise there is content ‘hidden’ on their screen. Often the e-asTTle reading passages can be long and require scrolling to see all the text. There are also many questions where not all the available answer options display above the scroll line.

In the Maths question example below, there are 7 answer options’ a through to g. When this question loads up on the iPad only 5 of the possible 7 answers display by default.  Without the custom scroll bar displaying, it may mislead students into thinking all the available answer options are there.

In comparison, the iOS 12 screen (on the right) shows the custom grey scrollbar, indicating to students that there are more answer options then what displays initially on the screen.














For more information on iPadOS 13 and scrolling click here.