iPadOS 13 – Custom scrollbars

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Due to a recent change in the iPadOS 13, students who have upgraded to the new iPadOS will no longer be able to see custom scrollbars in e-asTTle tests.

There are many questions in both Reading and Maths that require students to scroll to see all the reading passage or to see all the available multichoice options.

iOS 13 – no custom scrollbar

In this Reading question, the information necessary to answer the question requires scrolling to see the relevant content.  In some passages, such as this one, they will load up on the screen and ‘appear’ as if the entire content displays.

It has been observed that younger students in particular, will attempt to answer a question, even if there is crucial information ‘missing’.
















iOS 12 – custom scrollbar displays

In comparison, the custom scrollbars that are visible by default in iOS12 (and older iOS versions) provide an indication to students that there is content not displaying on the screen.













What can we do to get students to scroll?

-Students should be given the opportunity to sit the Practice tests on their iPad device prior to sitting an onscreen test. The first                         question in both the Reading and Maths Practice tests requires scrolling in order to be able to see all the content.

-Prior to sitting their onscreen test, it would pay to remind students to keep checking that they have scrolled to see all the reading                      passages and/or all the available multichoice options.

-For students who may find it difficult to read the passages onscreen, you can print out the reading passage by selecting View Existing Tests and selecting the Reading Passage from the Print Options menu.