New Student Portal and Test Player: Understanding the changes

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On 9 February, the e-asTTle Student Portal and test player were updated and made easier to use.

What has been done?

We have:

  • Introduced a new-look interface for the student portal and the test player. The test player is used when students sit onscreen tests and when teachers view onscreen tests.
  • Provided simpler navigation and plain English instructions.
  • Made it possible for students to take tests on 9+inch tablet devices that have the necessary browser, screen resolution, physical size and other technical requirements.  The requirements are available here.
  • Made the student portal and test player touch compatible. This will allow use on both desktop and 9+inch tablet devices with touch screens.
  • Introduced a practice test for each subject which both teachers and students can access at any time without logging in. This practice test will replace the existing practice questions.
  • Made better use of screen layouts. This minimises scrolling to see test content.
  • Improved connectivity management. This means that students are less likely to lose their work if they get disconnected while taking a test. Click here for more details on the connectivity improvements.

How do they look before and after?

Student Portal

You’ll notice that buttons and text fields are larger and touch-friendly, there are fewer steps for starting a test, and the wording has been made more student-friendly.

Student Portal pre-post

Test Player

You’ll notice that on the new version:

  • The response options are larger and touch-friendly.
  • The font is larger.
  • More of the reading passage displays by default – without the need to scroll.
  • The scrollbars have been made more obvious.
  • For desktops, the reading passage and question now display side-by-side. For tablets (iPad/Android), the reading passage displays above the question. The passages are highlighted in yellow below for comparison.
  • Navigation is simpler, with fewer buttons and links on the screen.


For more before and after images, see Test Player Comparison (PDF). For examples of the different e-asTTle question types on the old and new test player, see Question Response Comparison (PDF).

To give feedback on the new Student Portal and Test Player, click here.