Troubleshooting the Test Player

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There are several technical problems students could encounter while sitting a test. This page covers the different types of error messages students might see in e-asTTle and under what scenario you would expect to see them.

If an error message displays, students should first try to follow the instructions and/or use the buttons provided to resolve the error – rather than refreshing the screen or closing and re-opening the window. Refreshing or closing and reopening the test window can result in the system having to unnecessarily reload everything that is required for the test. This may take some time and puts extra load on the e-asTTle server.


‘Oops there’s something wrong’ – Unsupported browser page

When a student accesses the student portal, e-asTTle checks that the student is on a supported device. The system also checks that there is enough browser width to display the test in full.
If there is a problem with either of the above, a page like this will display:

If you check the supported browser and operating system rules, and you think your device meets these requirements, next check your browser width.
Your browser width displays on the ‘Oops’ page in brackets (e.g., on the above screenshot– it’s currently 1195px wide).
If the number displaying in brackets is less than the 1260px width required, try going into fullscreen mode or dragging your window bigger, and then refreshing the screen. You may also wish to check that your zoom level is set at 100%, as being zoomed in affects the accuracy of the width checks.


Issues loading a test or progressing to the next part of a test

Once students select the ‘Yes’ button on the Test Details page, their test will begin to load. This should only take a few seconds after which time the Attitude section of the test will display. If there are issues when the test is trying to load (e.g., Internet disconnection), a message will display and there will be a ‘Retry’ button. Students should select the ‘Retry’ button to trigger a request to reload the test. A similar message will display if there is a connection issue moving between different parts of a test, such as from attitude to look-over time.


Issues during a test

Answers not saving

Whilst sitting a test students may notice a yellow banner at the top of the screen. This indicates that 1 or more responses have not been saved. This is most likely due to problems with internet connection.

Yellow Banner

Students can continue to enter responses whilst the yellow banner displays. Note that the yellow banner will continue to update with a tally of ‘unsaved’ responses. Once connection has been re-established these responses will be saved. When all responses have been saved a green banner will display:

Green banner

If there is still no connection after 2 minutes, the yellow banner will be replaced with a red banner:
Red banner
Students can continue to enter responses whilst the red banner displays. (i.e. under continued disconnection). However, it may indicate a wider problem. A quick glance at your class’ screens will let you know whether only a few students or the entire class has a red banner. If connection is re-established whilst there is still test time remaining, it may take a few seconds for the red banner to be removed. This will be replaced by the green banner to indicate that all responses have been saved.
Note: it is important that students do not refresh the screen or close the test window whilst the yellow or red banners display. Refreshing or closing the test window will clear out the responses that were temporarily stored in your Internet browser. In this instance, students would have to go back through the test and re-enter their responses.

Problems with images not loading

Some e-asTTle questions contain images. These images may be essential in order for the question to be answerable. If there are issues preventing images from loading a red refresh icon will display:
Image missing - both icons
Selecting the refresh icon will trigger a request to load the image.


Issues finishing a test

If a student selects ‘Finish Test’ whilst there are still responses that have not saved the following message will display:
Finish Test error
It is important that students do not close the error message window. If the window is left open, the system will continue to try to save the responses. If the window is closed, all unsaved responses will be marked as ‘not answered’ i.e. incorrect.


Logging out during a test

If a student accidentally logs out whilst sitting a test they will see the following error:
Logged out during test
Selecting OK on the error message will close the test window and redirect the student to the login page. The student will need to re-enter their login credentials. The student can then re-open their test and continue answering questions. Note: this error message will also display if the student has not entered any responses in the test for 30 minutes.


Frequently Asked Questions

If the internet is disconnected during a test, does the timer stop counting down?

No. Once the Attitude section of a test has loaded the timer for the test starts. There is no way to pause the timer. You will need to use your judgement if you feel that a significant amount of test time has been lost due to technical difficulties. If this happens you may want to exclude this result from reports. Click here for information on student exclusions. If you want the student to re-sit the test, simply re-assign the test.

My whole class was getting intermittent red banners but I am not sure whether it was due to internet connection issues or to something else?

Try checking other websites. If you can connect to other websites, it may just be a temporary internet connection drop out that is affecting some students in your class.
If the red banner persists and there is no apparent problem connecting to other websites it may be that the e-asTTle server is experiencing difficulties. In this instance call the Education Service Desk: 0800 225 5428.
If the red banner persists and you and your class are unable to connect to other websites it may mean that there is an issue with your school’s server. Contact the person in charge of IT in your school.

My students are sitting tests on tablets, sometimes there seems to be an image or picture on the screen but it is squished and they cannot make out what it is.

This may be due to rotating the tablet from portrait to horizontal whilst the image is trying to load. Try selecting another question, then going back to the question with the squished image. This should re-render the image in full.