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Copy/Similar Test

Copy a test when you want to: • Add up to 10 minutes extra to an onscreen test, for students who require special considerations. • Change the delivery method from onscreen to paper. • Re-use last year’s test for this

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How e-asTTle Adaptive Tests Work

For a basic comparison of Custom and Adaptive tests, see Selecting a Test Type.   When you create an Adaptive test, seven mini-tests are created behind the scenes. The first mini-test has the questions all students assigned to the test

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Create Test Navigation: Writing and Tuhituhi prompts

 A: Test Details 1. Select ‘Create New Test’ from left menu. 2. Click ‘Generate Writing/Tuhituhi Prompt’. 3. Enter a Test Name of up to 20 characters. Be specific! Naming conventions make it much easier to find the test later. Students will

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Guidelines for creating good Custom and Adaptive Tests

e-asTTle testing is not about answering all questions correctly. 100% correct is not a desirable outcome! In fact, you will get the most useful information from e-asTTle when you set a test where you expect students to answer about 50%

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Choosing a Writing or Tuhituhi prompt

  Use your professional judgement when choosing a prompt to ensure that it is appropriate for your students. While you are creating your writing test, you can click on the thumbnail images next to the test name to view each

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