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Deep and Surface: The SOLO taxonomy used in e-asTTle

The deep and surface scores which are used in e-asTTle Reading, Maths, Panui and Pangarau are based on the SOLO taxonomy. SOLO stands for ‘Structure of observed learning outcomes’. The taxonomy has five levels to describe the quality of student

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Breaking down the Console Report – Pointers & things to know

This report addresses the feedback question: How are my students doing compared to others of the same year level who are sitting e-asTTle tests? It shows your students’ e-asTTle scores – overall, depth and strand – relative to the e-asTTle

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Tabular Report

The Tabular report lists your students’ ID numbers, year and demographic information, and all scores and levels. When multiple tests are selected to report on, the report is divided into sections, each representing one test. Tabular reports are available across

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