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Writing Cutscores / Curriculum Level Ranges (Term 2 2013)

    Click here to view the cutscores for all subjects.

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Term 2 2013: Important Changes to e-asTTle Writing

As of Term 2 2013, there are changes in how rubric scores for e-asTTle Writing map to curriculum levels. All Writing tests from now on will report against these new levels. For example, a student who answered the ‘Dogs at

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Writing: Moderation and things to consider

e-asTTle writing assesses a student’s ability to independently write continuous texts across a variety of communicative purposes. The purposes are: Describe Explain Recount Narrate Persuade Within each purpose, there are a range of ‘prompts’ (previously called Writing tasks).  You will

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Mark Test Navigation: Writing/Tuhituhi

A: Finding your test 1. Select ‘Mark Test’ from left menu 2. Select appropriate fields to searh by in the Test Information drop-downs 3. Click ‘Search’ 4. Click on your Test Name in the Test Table. You may need to

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Create Test Navigation: Writing and Tuhituhi prompts

 A: Test Details 1. Select ‘Create New Test’ from left menu. 2. Click ‘Generate Writing/Tuhituhi Prompt’. 3. Enter a Test Name of up to 20 characters. Be specific! Naming conventions make it much easier to find the test later. Students will

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Choosing a Writing or Tuhituhi prompt

  Use your professional judgement when choosing a prompt to ensure that it is appropriate for your students. While you are creating your writing test, you can click on the thumbnail images next to the test name to view each

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