Student Portal and Test Player: Minimum Device Requirements

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Device Requirements


If students are using Chromebooks, they should be good to go. Make sure students are using their browser in full-width mode (see below).

Windows PCs:

Students need an up-to-date version of Chrome, Firefox or Edge. If they’re using Internet Explorer, it must be IE11. Make sure students are using their browser in full-width mode (see below). If students have hybrid devices such as a Surface Pro, make sure the external keyboard is used and remains attached throughout the test.


Students need to be running Chrome or Safari. Make sure students are using their browser in full-width mode (see below).


Students need a full-sized iPad with iOS 10 or greater, and they must use Safari. iPad Minis must not be used.

Please note, visible scrollbars are no longer available for iPads as of iOS13. Remind your students to always scroll to check if the reading passage – or multichoice options – go past what they can initially see onscreen.


Students need Android 5 or greater, and they must use the Chrome browser. Only Androids with 9” or greater screen size are currently supported for e-asTTle testing. The following Android devices were used during the development of the student portal:  Samsung Galaxy Tab A (9.7”),  Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 (10.1”),  Nexus 10 (10.1”),  HP 10 Plus (10.1”).

Why can’t my students use iPad Minis, or smaller Androids for e-asTTle?

International research recommends a minimum 9” screen size for standardised testing. It is important that students do not experience a performance advantage or disadvantage depending on the device they are using.

Make sure the browser is full width!

Before you start a test, e-asTTle will check your browser window is wide enough to display the content. If your computer isn’t wide enough, or if you or your students have dragged the window width down so it doesn’t go all the way across, you may see the ‘Oops’ page.


In the example above, the first paragraph tells me the browser is currently 775px wide.

For desktop devices (Windows, Chromebooks or Macs), you need 1260px width, or 1280px including the scrollbar. Most modern devices will meet these criteria provided you have opened your browser using the full width of the screen. If you have an older computer, you may want to check its resolution.

To fix the problem, you need to make the screen bigger, then reload the page. To reload the page either select the ‘click here to reload the page’ link or hit the browser refresh button

Note for Internet Explorer users

Internet Explorer 11

If you are getting the Oops Unsupported error page and you are using IE11 it is likely that you are in Enterprise Mode.

You will notice the blue icon on your address bar:

IE11 Enterprise Icon

Unfortunately, the e-asTTle Student Portal and test player won’t work by default in Enterprise Mode. Enterprise Mode simulates IE8 which is no longer supported.

To fix the issue, please ask the person responsible for IT to exclude the e-asTTle domains via the school’s Group Policy settings.

You can try getting around the issue by toggling the Enterprise Mode option in the Tools menu.

Internet Explorer 8
If you are one of the few e-asTTle schools that use IE8, unfortunately, the shift to modern technology has meant that the test player can no longer be supported with this browser version.  This means students will no longer be able to sit tests if they are on IE8 or less.

Note: teachers can still use IE8 for the teacher portal. However, teachers will need to upgrade to IE11 or use another supported browser to view onscreen tests. Alternatively, if teachers are on IE8 they can view onscreen tests as a PDF.