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Tricks for Young Players:

Enabling pop-ups
  • If your report or paper test is ‘not coming up’, make sure your Internet browser has pop-ups enabled. See for information on how to do this.
  • Don’t use the Back button at the top of your browser – it won’t work! Use the buttons inside e-asTTle to move around.


Information is often presented in tables. Tables with a lot of information will have ‘filters’ at the top. These allow you to bring up information most relevant to you. Use the drop-down menus to select an option, or leave it on ‘All’ to view everything available. Then click “Search”. For example:



Any column with a blue title has an arrow next to it for sorting. For example:

Image: Sorting


 Please note the Message of the Day, which will tell you about any systems issues and when scheduled systems maintenance is taking place. You may not be able to access e-asTTTle during maintenance!

You can find the log out button in the top right-hand corner of the homepage

Image: Feedback Tab


Feedback Tab

 On the right side of the home page there is a blue feedback tab. This is a way of letting the development team know how we are doing, as well as to make suggestions, and report any issues experienced while using e-asTTle. Please include your email address if you would like a response sent back to you.

The feedback form is not intended for urgent enquiries. For urgent help, call the Education Service Desk on 0800 225 542.