New Student Portal and Test Player: FAQs

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Do the changes affect all of e-asTTle?

Changes have been made to the online test player used for Reading, Maths, Pānui and Pāngarau tests. In addition, the student portal has a new look and feel.

The teacher’s version and the reports for both teachers and students are unchanged. Exception: the teachers’ view of onscreen tests has also changed to align with the new test player.

Why am I getting the ‘Oops’ unsupported page on Internet Explorer 11?

It’s likely that your IE11 version is in Enterprise Mode. Unfortunately the e-asTTle Student Portal and test player won’t work by default in Enterprise Mode. Enterprise Mode simulates IE8 which is no longer supported. You’ll know you’re in Enterprise mode if you see the icon shown below.

IE11 Enterprise Icon

To fix the issue, please ask the person responsible for IT to exclude the e-asTTle domains via the school’s Group Policy settings.

You can try getting around the issue by toggling the Enterprise Mode option in the Tools menu.

Some of my students who use Chromebooks are getting stuck with a ‘loading’ message?

Test loading problems

If you are using e-asTTle on a Chromebook we recommend that you click on a practice test  before you start to ensure that the test will load. If the practice test starts normally you will be able to proceed with the planned test.  If it does not load we recommend that you use a non-Chromebook device for your planned test or delay taking the test until Google releases an update to fix this problem.

We apologise if this occurs to you and for the inconvenience that it will cause you.  The problem is temporary and occurs after Google has released an operating system upgrade. It will last until Google releases a further update to fix the issue. Last time this occurred Google provided a fix after 3 days.  It has occurred on several occasions this year.

Log in problems

There appears to be a problem with Chromebooks’ older operating systems. You will need to update to the most recent version. To do this:

1.  Open your Google Chrome browser
2.  On the top right hand side click  the ‘chrome menu’ button. Google chrome settings icon

3.  Select ‘Help‘ from the menu then click on ‘About Chrome OS

4.  Click on ‘Check for and apply updates‘ button
5.  After the update is completed you will see the following message: Google device is up to date icon

6.  Click on the ‘Finished‘ button

7.  Your Chromebook should now be updated to the latest version.

To check what the latest stable Chrome operating system is, go to

Why can my students no longer sit their tests on Internet Explorer 8?

The minimum requirements for the student portal were updated as part of the test player upgrade. Internet Explorer 8 does not comply with the modern technology used for the new test player. Users on Internet Explorer 8 or below are encouraged to use one of the other supported browsers.

Tip: To check which version of  Internet Explorer you are on,  click the gear icon at the top right of the program window, and select About Internet Explorer in the menu.

How to find IE version

Do I need training to use the new Student Portal and Test Player?

The changes to the Student Portal and Test Player are self-evident. They make the test player work in ways that are consistent with modern online testing applications. Testing of the new test player has confirmed that teachers do not require specific training in the use of the test player.

It is recommended that teachers read the administration guidelines and explore the practice tests before they administer tests to students. Going through the practice tests will allow both teachers and students to become familiar with the new test player quickly. Practice test scripts are available to help teachers guide students through the practice tests.

Note: Students do not need to be logged in to access the practice tests.

Will students need a new username and password?

No. Students with existing logins use the same username and password. They do not need new logins.

Will students notice the changes?

Students and teachers will notice the cleaner desktop appearance and question layout. Trialling with students indicated that 80% of students prefer the new test player.

Students will notice the messaging if they become disconnected while taking a test.

Will students be able to access their past tests and reports?

Yes. All previous tests and reports remain available to both students and their teachers

Will the changes have an impact on students’ test performance?

No. In redeveloping the test player all questions, their response options and the test generation processes used by e-asTTle have remained unchanged. All questions and their response options are the same as in the past. The layout of text and images within a question also remains unchanged.

All that has changed is the positioning of the item responses. These now appear to the right of the question rather than below the question. See Test Player Comparison for details.

This has done to ensure that the new test player does not have an impact on student’s results.

Trialling with Year 7 students demonstrated that there was no significant difference between students’ performance on the old flash player or the new test player.

Further trialling with a different group of Year 7 students also demonstrated that there was no significant difference in performance when testing was done on laptop and tablet devices.

Can students sit tests using Apple or Android tablets?

Yes, as long as the tablet is a compatible device (see below) and has a 9 inch or larger screen size. Smaller tablets such as iPad Minis must not be used.

What are the Device Requirements for using the Student portal and Test Player?

Click here for detailed information on e-asTTle device requirements.

Why can’t tablet devices smaller than 9 inches be used?

Care has being taken to ensure that the test player renders questions similarly across all compatible devices. This is important to ensure that all students have a consistent test experience across devices and there is no benefit to taking a test on a specific device. Trialling has identified that this can be achieved on PCs, Macs and tablet devices with a screen size of 9 inches or more.

Further trialling will be done in the future to determine if other devices can meet e-asTTle’s rendering requirements. It is likely that higher resolution 8 inch devices may be identified and supported during 2016.

Does taking a test on a tablet have an impact on a student’s test performance?

Trialling indicates that the device students use to complete a test is unlikely to have any impact on their performance. This is supported by a growing body of international research.

Will the changes improve the performance of e-asTTle?

The changes will not have an impact on e-asTTle performance. Server performance is the focus of a parallel project currently in progress.

Why are the changes being released at the start of the school year?

Releasing the changes at the beginning of a school year will ensure that students experience the same test player during the year. While this is not essential it is preferred.

Why have the changes not been applied to the Writing and Tuhituhi tests?

Writing and Tuhituhi tests can only be sat offline using pen and paper.