Updates – Term 1 2014

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Two updates were made on 16th January 2014.

Student year levels

Student data is exported from your Student Management system in an .ast file. It is then imported into e-asTTle.  The file contains student names, ethnicities, year levels, NSN ids and SMS ids.

Previous to 2014, the Student Management systems were required to import MOE funding year levels. For some students, this was different to their current (instructional year level). The impact was that on e-asTTle reports, students in the same instructional class were reported against different year levels. For example, a console report for a Year 5 class might show three separate graphs: one for funding year 4, funding year 5 and funding year 6.

Going forwards, Student Management systems will start to import a students’ current (instructional) year level from the SMS. This means that the year levels shown and used in e-asTTle will reflect the year level students are being taught at.

The change will not update any old data. Old reports will still report against funding year levels.



There has been a cosmetic change to how filters display. Previously, filters displayed vertically, as below. To request ‘all’ of a certain category, you would leave the filter blank.

Image: Filters


Filters are now shown horizontally, like this. To request ‘All’ of a certain category, you would leave the filter on ‘All’.