Updates – Term 4 2014

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A number of updates were made on 8th October, 2014.

Student Result Summaries and Target Setting are available from left menu

There is a new item named ‘Summaries and Targets’ on the green navigation menu.

Clicking the ‘Summaries and Targets’ button will bring up a page where you can:

  • View results for individual students across your school and any previous schools where they have used e-asTTle
  • Set and view targets for students


Student Result Summaries are now available to External Coordinators

External coordinators can now access Student Result Summaries and Target setting in a similar way to teachers.

External Coordinators will have an extra School dropdown where they must select either a school or one of the between-school groups they have created.

New Writing report interpretation guides

Clicking on the View Guide link for Writing reports will now bring up more specific Writing information.

Extra information on headings for Writing Individual Learning Pathways

Extra information has been added to the headings of the Individual Learning Pathway quadrants in order to help you interpret them.

Element norms no longer display on Writing reports

The Console and Console – Comparisons reports use speedometer dials to indicate performance in each curriculum area. The red pointer shows the average performance of the group for that element. The blue shaded area behind the pointer indicates national average performance.

As there are no valid element norms for Writing, the blue shaded area was previously showing an overall norm, rather than an element norm. This blue shaded area has now been removed to avoid confusion.

Corrections to Pānui and Pāngarau questions

Spelling and grammar fixes have been made to Pānui and Pāngarau questions and reading passages.